Seven Phase Of Dementia

Phase 1
No symptoms, no signs, the memory intact

Phase 2
Forget the names of people, short term memory loss, a decline of intellectuality, panic, depression

Phase 3
Early confusion
Affect the performance of work / activity, concentration easily dispersed

Phase 4
Late confusion
Forget the big events in his life, decrease the ability to do activities/tasks (shopping, managing money). Deny it to cover the loss suffered memory (creating imagery of the event to fill/cover the gap of memory), depression and withdraw from the social environment

Phase 5
Early dementia
Loss of ability in the ADL (Activities of Daily Living) independently, frustrating, depression and withdraw from the social environment

Phase 6
Middle dementia
Can not recall events in his life, disorientation, incontinence urine / fecal, sleep problems, interference psikomotor, agitasi, aggression, conditions worsened in the afternoon / evening. decrease the ability to speak

Phase 7
Late dementia
Can not recognize family members, Immobile, aphasia

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