Nursing Care plans Risk suicide

Suicide is one of psychiatry emergency. Although Suicide is the behavior that needs serious attention and requires comprehensive Assesment in; depression, Drug abuse, schizophrenia, personality disturbances (paranoid, borderline, antisocial), Suicide not equal with mentalillness.

There is 4 thing which krusial that need to be paid attention by nurse as health team between it is :

firstly, suicide is behavior that can turn in-patient death in the mental hospital.

Second, factors is relating to intern staff : inadequately patient assesment by nurse, weak staff communications, lack of orientation and training and inadequately information about patient.

Third, study suicide ought to be done in kontinyu during in taking care of in hospital either when admission, return and also all changes in therapy or other treatmen.

Fourth, the trust relationship between nurse and patient and self awareness of nurse to patient behavior that supporting the occurrence of the risk of suicide is important in reducing Suicide in the hospital.

Therefore Suicide in-patients is a problem that needs to handle with rapid and accurate.

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