Nursing Care Plans For Activity Intolerance

Nursing Care Plans For Activity Intolerance
Definition: Insufficient physiological or psychological energy to endure or complete required or desired daily activities

Limitation Characteristics Activity Intolerance:
• Response not from normal blood pressure on the activity
• Response does not dati normal heart rate for activities
• EKG shows changes aritmia
• EKG showed ischemia changes
• inconvenience during activities
• Dyspnea at beraktifitas
• Reporting of fatigue
• Reporting of weaknes

Related factors Nursing Diagnosis Activity Intolerance:
• Bedrest
• complete exhaustion
• imbalance between oxygen supply and demand
• immobility
• Lifestyle

Defining CharacteristicActivity Intolerance
Verbal report of fatigue/weakness
Exertional discomfort/dyspnea
Abnormal heart rate/blood pressure response to activity
Electrocardiographic changes reflecting arrhythmias/or ischemia

Sample Clinical Applications Nursing Diagnosis Activity Intolerance
Anemias, Angina, Tuberculosis, Uterine Bleeding Aortic Stenosis, Bronchitis, Emphysema, Diabetes Mellitus, Peripheral Vascular Disease, Rheumatic Fever, Dysmenorrhea, Heart Failure, Human Immunodeficiency Virus/Acquired Immunodeficiency Disease (HIV/AIDS), Labor/Preterm Labor, Leukemias, Mitral Stenosis, Obesity, Pain, Pericarditis, Thrombocytopenia.
Nursing Outcomes Nursing Diagnosis Activity Intolerance

  • Patien will Identify negative factors affecting activity tolerance and eliminate or reduce their effects when possible.
  • Patien will Use identified techniques to enhance activity tolerance.
  • Patien will Participate in necessary/desired activities.
  • Patien will Report measurable increase in activity tolerance.
  • Patien will Demonstrate a decrease in physiological signs of intolerance

Nursing Priority Nursing Care Plans For Activity Intolerance
• Identify causative/precipitating factors
• Assist client to deal with contributing factors and manage activities within individual limits
• To promote wellness (patient teaching/discharge considerations)

Do not use this diagnosis , unless there is a possibility to improve the patient's resistance. Using intolerance activities if the patient complained fatigue or weakness due to the activities. Activity intolerance often cause other problems such as self-care deficit. We can use this diagnosis.

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