Eliminate Blackheads with toothpaste (toothpaste) and salt

Toothpaste and toothpaste to remove blackheads. Blackheads, blackheads who hate baseball? How to get rid of even tricky. The most potent of course with facial that some people can not stand the pain. Pore ​​pack sometimes remain, many in fact. Relax, there is now an easy solution for blackheads is kicking off the face of us. Easy and simple, it takes quite a toothpaste (toothpaste) mint and salt. It's easy:

  • mix salt and mint toothpaste, by comparison yangn same. Aja enough amount, ga have too much.
  • after well blended, apply evenly to the nose and the surrounding area there komedonya. Do not get too close to the eyes, yes, because it would be pretty painful because of the effects of this mint toothpaste. let stand for 5 minutes.
  • after 5 minutes, gently massage with two fingers in a circular motion. not too tight, might be a sore nose.
  • then rinse with warm water.
  • If it's clean, using a cold spoon or a cold towel, cold water can also tap-tap our noses. It is useful to close the pores and prevent the entry of dust nose and other debris into the skin.

After that is guaranteed nose will feel soft, komedopun reduced, because the mint toothpaste helps soothe the skin and removes blackheads, while the salt works for exfoliating, smoothing the skin. Good luck.

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